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Feel (Good) Skin Skincare Bundle Deal!

Have you been eyeing out our Feel (Good) Skin Range thinking wow! I could use that. We'll, because we hate to disappoint, you can now get all 10 Feel (Good) Skin Products in a handy bundle with a free Bru-Bag for only R800.00. That's a R315.00 saving!

Feel (Good) Skin Skincare Bundle

Yup, we are not joking. All 10 incredible skincare products from our Flagship Feel (Good) Skin Range with a Free Bru-Bag big enough to hold everything, all at once for only R800.00 South African Ronts!

That means you get 1of the following amazing products:


Free Bru- Bag

You don't need a reason, but we're going to give you one anyway. This handy bundle is the perfect Mother's Day Gift or you can chalk it down to a simple #treatyourself moment. Stocks are limited so grab it while it's hot (and by hot we mean FIRE 🔥)

You can read more about our incredible Feel (Good) Skin range here.

As if Christmas has come early, you also get a free gift if you spend over R650.00 💃

~ Jess

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