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Use our Build a Business program to trial and start your very own cosmetics business. We supply the bases, you finish your product. Bases can be used as is, or you can add fragrances and essential oils with a little cosmetics know how. 

Brunational is in the business of developing cosmetic brands. Choose from our selection of products and you can fill, label and package your


products yourself before committing to a high Minimum Order Quantity. 

Products under the Build a Business initiative are available in1KG and are designed to give you the opportunity to create your own Skin Care or Hair Care Range. 
If you would like to purchase these items in bulk (5KG for Bases, 25kg for Standard Ranges and Customized Products +), please contact us for a custom quote. If you would like us to customize products for you (only available on 25kg+) contact us. 

FREE SHIPPING on orders over R850.00 to Main City Centers under 15kg. If your order is over 15kg, we can calculate custom shipping. Collections are welcome.

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