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Start your own Skincare Line

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Did you know that you can start your own skincare line with Brunational and Build a Business?

Here at Brunational, that's what we do! And I am here to explain all the details and options we have available for you. We know the idea of starting a cosmetics line may be super appealing to a lot of people, but where do we begin? How do you start? What products should you make? Well, we are here to make the process a whole lot less scary, give you some guidance and help you on your way to creating your own brand.

Create your own Skincare Line with Build a Business

Why choose Build a Business?

Build a Business is a program started by Brunational to help small businesses and start ups begin their businesses without having to go through the Research and Development process by making our White Label products readily available. This means that not only are you skipping ahead by not going through the Research and Development process, but you also have access to products that are tried and trusted. Another bonus is a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). We have made a selection of our White Label Products available which are some of our most in demand products. So, you can order 1kg of a product to trial instead of large MOQ's. It's super neat.

What if I want to create my own custom products?

Brunational Cosmetic and Skin Care Manufacturers

We've got you! Brunational is a Cosmetics Manufacturer that has over 20 years industry experience, producing products for some of South Africa's leading cosmetics and skincare brands. This means that we can tailor make products to suit your spec. So if you try our Build a Business products but decide, I want my Face Wash to contain beads, we can manufacture that for you. Or that you want your body butter to smell like Vanilla and Honey, yip, we've got you. You can check out our range of services on our sister website Brunational Manufacturing. There you can see our Research and Development processes as well as the large range of products we manufacture, MOQ's, processes etc.

Let's talk Skincare?

Create your own skincare brand

With Build a Business we have listed complete skincare product lines for you to select from. With the Skin Care Base Box you receive Cleansing Milk Lotion Base 1L, Toner Base 1L, Deep Cleansing Facial Wash Base 1kg and Beautifying Cream Base 1kg. With this box we have provided a start to finish skincare routine. Remember that these products are complete products. We call them bases because they do not contain fragrances or colour.

The Deep Cleansing Facial wash is a rich Foaming Facial Wash that deeply cleanses skin, refreshes pores, aids in the removal of dead skin cells and maintains skins natural moisture.

The Cleansing Milk Lotion is a soothing and mild cleanser which removes impurities, excess oil and make up from skin without irritation or drying out skin.

The Toner Base is a soothing and mild cleanser which removes impurities and excess oil skin without irritation or drying out skin. This can be used as a secondary cleanser.

The Beautifying Cream is a nourishing facial cream that leaves skin supple and soft.

These items can be purchased as a complete set or individually on the Build a Business page.

Looking for something more?

We offer a variety of different skin care products under Build a Business. In the Skin Nourisher Base Box you we have Vitamin E Cream Base 1kg, Moisturising Cream Base 1kg, Hand and Nail Cream Base 1kg, Body Butter Base 1kg. These products are targeted at body care, with a variety of different lotions for different areas of concern and targets.

We also have a range of Sun Base Box products available which contains Aloe Vera Gel (Green) Base 1kg, Aftersun (Blue) Base 1kg, SPF 30 Base 1kg, SPF 50 Base 1kg. This is a perfect start up box if you want to head into the skin protection sphere of cosmetics.

What's Coming Soon?

We have some big plans for Build a Business. Whether you're a salon looking to buy in bulk, looking to start a cosmetics business or if you're an established business looking to expand your range, Build a Business is excellent for trialing products. Very soon we will be launching an Exfoliating Box which will contain a Salt Scrub, Sugar Scrub, Exfoliating Scrub Mask and Exfoliating Body Wash and a Bath Box which will contain Bath Crystals, Pearl Foam Bath, Shower Gel and a Body Wash.

Alternatively, you can have a look at our Bulk Cosmetics Products section where you can find a variety of fragrance and colour free products online with an easy, quick checkout.

Need more info?

We're here to help. You can read our handy Build a Business blog here. Or you can download our Build a Business Informational below.

Looking for the personal touch? Just email (that's me!) with all your questions.

~ Jess

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