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New Product: Sunblock SPF 30

An essential part of any skincare routine is a good SPF and we've got you covered.

Sunblock SPF 30 for R60.00

Our Sunblock SPF 30 is perfect for every day use. Not only is it a thick cream, that has the added benefit of being an excellent barrier cream, it also absorbs quickly into the skin. We keep saying that it's important for all South African's to have access to quality, affordable cosmetics, and we can definitely add our Sunblock SPF 30 to the list with a selling price of just R60.00 available online.

Why do I need Sunblock SPF 30?

We're out here living our best lives in the sunshine because, let's face it, South Africa has incomparable weather. Whether you're sitting around a pool, going to a post-pani festival, shopping in an outdoor market or simply driving around, using a Sunblock is super important. Sunblock with a high factor SPF is essential in blocking some of the damage done to our skin by UV Rays from the sun. If you are using products containing actives, often it is essential to pair them with a SPF (here's looking at you Retinol).

But I work in an office, I don't need an SPF...

Except, you kinda do! Even small doses of sun exposure can cause damage. Think about how much darker your driving arm is to the rest of your skin, of your face compared to your stomach. That's the sun giving you the traditional South African Howzit.

Cloudy days?

Sorry for you my guy! You need Sunblock. "According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, clouds filter less than 25% of the UV rays that penetrate your skin to cause skin cancer," says Dr. Tony Yuan, MD and board-certified physician at Doctor On Demand. But that's only 25%, the remaining 75% is absorbing into your skin causing sun spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation and increases your chances of cancer.

Not sitting in the sun directly?

UV Rays can bounce! That means if you're sitting at a beach looking out at the water under an umbrella, UV rays can reflect off surrounding surfaces and chow you while you're just chilling there minding your own business. This can happen with just about every surface. The sun has no chill.

But it's winter?

Nope, UV indexes in winter can be just as high as in summer. If you live in JHB and the air is dry and there isn't a single cloud in winter, that sun has nothing standing between you and it and it is coming for you! I'm sure there's a song about suncreen...

How do I use SPF?

SPF should be applied to sun exposed areas periodically throughout the day. If you're wearing make up, you can honestly use SPF as a primer before using your foundation. Even if your make up has a built in SPF, very often it is not enough, so a little more wont hurt.

It's important to reapply SPF throughout the day and if you're a pool baby like me, then it's essential before you enter the water and again afterwards.

If you are using actives, they can sometimes make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage, and this is especially true for Retinol so, use your actives at night, in the dark, like a mushroom, and then in the morning emerge hopefully not looking like fungi and use that SPF to protect your skin and promote gentle ageing. Don't forget area's often over looked, the back of the neck, the tips of ears, the tops of feet...

Get yourself some Sunblock my Dear Reader (I'm sure there's a Taylor Swift moment somewhere here too).

~ Jess

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