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New Build a Business Products

We're excited to announce that we have added two new products to Build a Business. But that's not all, we have been hard at work to add some exciting new products which will be launched in the coming weeks.

What are your new products?

We've added two new products to Build a Business, a gorgeous thick pearlescent Foam Bath Base and a luxurious exfoliating Salt Scrub Base.

Foam Bath Base

Foam bath in bulk from manufacturer

Yummy! That's just about the only word to describe foam bath. What's better than a bubble filled soak? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. For Build a Business we have added a thick, luxurious pearlescent Foam Bath Base for you to trial and see if you can sell your customers the promise of a luxury relaxation. Because our bases do not contain colourants or fragrances, it is the perfect opportunity to test your products. If you divide the 1L into 10 batches of 100ml, you test adding essential oils, fragrances or colourants to your samples to decide which ones you love the most. Remember, if you purchase 5kg +, prices are discounted.

Salt Scrub Base

Salt Scrub. Start your own cosmetics business with Brunational and Build a Business.

Delicious! We love a salt scrub. Unlike a sugar scrub, a salt scrub is finer and packs a powerful detoxifying punch. Salt Scrubs are known to prime skin so they suck up all the goodness used in products used after the exfoliation. For healthy skin simply looking for a good ol' scrub, Salt Scrub is perfect. Additionally, Salt Scrubs are known to increase blood flow to the skin and help with cellulite and aging.

Our Salt Scrub is made with Mineral Oil which is a potent skin hydrator and has the added benefit of softening skin. Like other Build a Business products, you can add your own fragrances to the Salt Scrub Base or, you can add other additives like ground coffee beans. The possibilities are endless.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon to Brunational

We have some exciting products on the horizon. Soon you will be able to purchase a Build a Business Exfoliating Box which will contain the Salt Scrub and three brand new products: a rich Sugar Scrub, Exfoliating Body Scrub and Wash and an Exfoliating Scrub Mask.

And we will be adding a Bath Box which will contain Bath Salts, Foam Bath, Shower Gel and a Body Wash.

If you're not ready to purchase 1L of our Build a Business products, we will have sample packs available soon with small quantities for you to test and try before purchasing. Remember, all the products available in Build a Business are available in bulk. This means that if you need 1000kg or just 5kg, we can manufacture for you. For more information check out our blog post: Build a Business Explained. If you're interested in bulk manufacturing on 5kg or more, check out our sister website Brunational Manufacturing.

Salt and Sugar Cream Scrub!

We're excited about this new product. Imagine the most creamy, delicious exfoliator jam packed with sugar and salt for a fine and nourishing exfoliating experience, luxurious fragrances and super cool additives. Each Cream Scrub comes with a unique fragrance and additives targeting different areas of concern.

Giveaway with @maman_hood and Brunational

Win a R500.00 gift card with our influencer giveaway.

We're super excited to be partnering with Danielle, Twin Mother extraordinaire @maman_hood to promote our range of luxury diffusers.

We have 8 incredible diffusers in our Luxury Diffuser Range: Mood, Magic, Timeless, Burst, Thai, Magic, Pure and Marine. All our diffusers are premium blends of simple luxury. Scent is powerful which is why we have designed our diffusers to enhance any room with long lasting vibrancy. Follow her page for competition details and you could win a set of Luxury Diffusers. Give @maman_hood and @brunational_ a follow on the socials and you could win.

~ Jess

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