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Need a Side Hustle? Build your Business with Brunational.

Side Hustles are the new norm especially in South Africa. We're a country of go getters and a lot of people are looking for ways to diversify their income, generate more income or simply start a business.

Looking for a side hustle?

Brunational has been in the business of helping businesses for over 20 years. And now, with our innovative Build a Business initiative, you can purchase low MOQ products to to trial and start your own business. And today we are spotlighting our Best Selling Feel (Good) Hair Range.

Feel (Good) Hair now available in 1L.

You can start your very own haircare brand with our incredible range of products in the new Feel (Good) Hair Range. We have been getting rave reviews about the new Feel (Good) Hair Range and that's because, not only are the products salon quality, but they are also jam packed full of actives that are decidedly yummy for your hair. Coincidentally, actives happen to be a great selling point.

For the first time, Feel (Good) Hair is available in 1L. You can purchase the entire range in 1L before you commit to a larger quantity (which is 100% available through our manufacturing division at a lower price point). In using Build a Business, you can purchase a selection of products, fill them into your containers, apply your labels, create your media posts and test your products. When your business 📈, you can order larger quantities.

What if I want something else?

We'll you are in some serious luck. Brunational offers a massive selection of White Label Products from our Standard Ranges. There are thousands of products to choose from ranging from haircare to skincare to body care. Looking for a Body Butter? We've got it! Looking for Hair Gel? We've got that too! Toner? Yup! Soap? Just about anything you want.

We also offer a Research and Development Facility, so if we don't have the product you're looking for, there's a good chance we can create it (I mean, T&C's do apply but pop me an email for more info 🤗)

Our MOQ's are super low comparatively because when your business grows, everyone wins.

If you're looking for more information on our manufacturing division and our processes, visit the link below. In the mean time my guys! GET THAT SIDE HUSTLE GOING!

~ Jess

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