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Luxury you say, I say Diffusers, Room Diffusers!

Updated: May 25, 2023

They're basically the same thing. Luxury is about emotion, but being in a space that speaks to the opulence inside you and sparks nostalgia. Sure, a painting on a wall, diffused light, glass and mirrors, lush fabrics, good wine... these things are all indicative of grandeur. But, you know what else makes a moment? What makes a memory? What strikes as part of splendor? Smell.

Smell is one of the strongest prompts for emotion and memory. The smell of freshly laundered linen always takes me back to my childhood, Gucci Rush takes me back to my Matric Dance, Coffee always makes me want to curl up with a book in a patch of sunlight. Smell is incredibly important in creating moments. When I walk into a room, it is not often what it smells like that strikes me first, I am taken by what I see, what I feel. But, if there is a diffuser in the room... well my friends, that's something I will comment on, something I will walk past just to smell, ask where you got it, fawn over how delicious it is. Fragrance can make a space and I lean into that.

Fragrance makes luxury, makes moments, makes memories. Which is why we developed our range of Luxury Diffusers.

Our Luxury Diffusers come in 200ml Glass Bottles with Diffuser Reed Sticks and are blends of premium fragrances from around the world to create long lasting fragrances that bring lushness and comfort to any room.

Unlike other diffusers, our Luxury Diffusers are made to last packing a powerful fragrance punch and our containers can be refilled with diffuser liquid.

You can shop our range of affordable Luxury Fragrances in our Shop section.

~ Jess

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