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Lip Gloss Base

So... we did a thing... We now have Lip Gloss Base available in 1kg quantities under Build a Business. And we're having a Launch Sale! R450.00/kg instead of R520.00/kg (available for a limited time only).

Lip Gloss Base 1kg low MOQ

Lip Gloss isn't something that only happened in the 90s. There is an upward trend in people looking for glowy, dewy, moisture rich skin. Gone are the days of matt lipsticks (thank the trends gurus for this, no more flaking, caking and peeling.) We're here for healthy lip-smacking.

Here's everything you need to know about our newly launched Lip Gloss Base.

What is a base?

A base is a product that doesn't contain colour, fragrance or, in this case, flavorings. But it is a finished product. If you want a product that is super plain and good for just about every skin type, a base is a great way to go. But you can customize a base to suit your needs.

How can I customize my Lip Gloss Base?

Well, first things first, with all our bases, you can use the item to start your own cosmetics line. We provide you with the bulk base in the 1kg as is available under Build a Business. You can fill the Lip Gloss Base into your own containers and use your own branding. Want to create smackable lip glosses? No problem, you do you. Our products are ready to go and safe to use.

But if you want to, you can also add colourants or flavours to your Lip Gloss Base. This means that you can create small batch trials on colours, flavours and you can even add essential oils. The possibilities are endless. If you want purple, pink, peach, orange, go for it! With Build A Business, you're able to trial the possibilities of creating a cosmetics line without the massive initial outlay, Research and Development Process and Low minimum Order Quantity directly from us, the Manufacturer.

What else can I do with Lip Gloss Base?

Other than create your own customized colours, fragrances and flavours? Well, why not use the Lip Gloss Base to create a Lip Scrub? We've spoken about the benefits of exfoliators so why not create a sugared lip scrub using the Lip Gloss Base.

If you've left your branded lip gloss plain, it can be used as an overcoat on matt lipsticks to add shine and that essential moisture. Or it can be used as a brow gel to get that very desirable brow lamination without the procedure.

Why are your products so inexpensive?

When you buy from Brunational, you are buying directly from the manufacturer and at wholesale prices. So, unlike other suppliers, our prices are not retail. By cutting out the middle man and keeping our services inhouse, we are able to keep prices low and affordable. Our aim is to nurture South Africa's growing cosmetics industry by nurturing start ups. Not everyone has thousands and thousands of randella's to spend on huge MOQ's. So with us, you are able to buy a variety of products, for less. And that's why Build a Business has been such an incredible success. Our bases are easily customizable and of excellent quality so your products can be too! And we provide you with product ingredients for labelling purposes.

How can I make money?

So, if you purchase 1kg of Lip Gloss Base. That is approximately 1000ml of product. The average Lip Gloss is between 4-10ml/g in individual quantity.

So, let's say your containers can hold 7ml/g of Lip Gloss. That will give you approximately 140 units from your Build a Business purchase. That's about R4.00 per unit (excluding the packaging)

On average, Lip Gloss sells at a price point of from about R45.00 to R110.00 per unit. By sourcing the packaging that is right for your market, you could be working with a product that that costs you R10.00 to make. Adding a colour, your selling price could be higher.

What if my brand takes off and I want to order larger quantities?

We LOVE that for you! If you want to order 5kg or 500kg, we can help you out because at Brunational, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman. Our products are super affordable but buying in larger quantities means that you will be given a customized quote on orders above 5kg that are lower than the prices you see under Build a Business. If you are interested in higher quantities, we've got you. Just email or and we'll help you out.

~ Jess

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