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Gentle Ageing? We've got you covered in 7 steps.

Updated: May 25, 2023

Skin Care Tips The Key to Gentle Ageing

Everywhere you look, there's a new skin care trend coming at us. And, while advancements are made every day, there are some skin care essentials we can all afford to follow.

1.Sun Protection

The South African sun, while we love it and love to be in it, UV Rays are one of the leading causes of premature aging, melanoma, blemishes and dark marks. It is recommended that sunscreen be applied routinely throughout the day whether the sun is blasting or on a cloudy day.

2. Hydrate

The key to dewy skin is not only measured by what you put on your skin but in your body. Increasing your water intake will rehydrate your skin but a good moisturizer goes a long way. In higher altitudes and areas with low humidity (we're looking at you Johannesburg), moisture is leached from skin more easily. We recommend using a body butter for dry, flaking areas, lotions for the rest of your skin daily and a day and night facial moisturizer that is applied to face, neck and chest area.

3. Gentle Cleansers

Harsh Chemicals strip away your skins natural oils. Using a gentle cleanser will restore hydration. Exfoliate as much as necessary, when skin is over sebaceous or you need to remove dry and dead skin but don't over do it. Exfoliating can cause skin to dry out.

4. Retinol

Retinol is a super strong anti-ageing active which can be used two to three times a week. It is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is a preventative measure to take especially in your thirties. Use Retinol at night and be sure to use a high factor SPF during the day as Retinoids can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and UV/UVB Rays.

5. Exfoliate

We've touched on exfoliating briefly but we cannot stress the importance of exfoliating. A gentle exfoliator will go a long way to a more youthful appearance. Not only does it remove dry and damaged skin, but it also removed impurities which could be imbedded in your pores. Exfoliating other parts of your body will also help skin feel tighter and is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

6. Remove your Make Up

Removing Make Up before bed time ensures that your skin can breathe but it also stops make up from causing wrinkles and damaging your skin. A gentle make up remover, face wash and cleanse routine will go a long way is a more youthful appearance.

7. Serums

Depending on your skin concerns, you may want to consider introducing serums into your daily routine. From Collagen Creams, Skin Brighteners, Niacinamide... there is a product out there that will help combat problem skin and give that healthy glow that we are all looking for.

Brunational has a variety of skin care products that are not only affordable but that are good for your skin and help with gentle ageing.

~ Jess

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