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Feel (Good) Skin has a new addition! The Age Reverse Serum!

We are proud to announce that our renowned Feel (Good) Skin has a new product! The Incredible Feel (Good) Skin Age Reverse Serum with Matrixyl, Crolastin & Pentavitin. Does that sound super fancy? Well actually, it is! It is a powerful, all round skin conditioner and here's why we're so proud of it:

Feel (Good) Skin Age Reverse Serum

All our Feel (Good) Skin products are jam packed with Actives and our new Age Reverse Serum is no exception. There's a reason that Skincare with Actives is all the rage at the moment and why Vogue India calls them:

"supercharged beauty ingredients"

Our all new Feel (Good) Skin Age Reversal Serum contains Matrixyl, Crolastin and Pentavitin.

We're not just here to brag about all the delicious Actives in our products, we're here to explain them too.

What is Matrixyl?

Matrixyl is a world-renowned skincare Active which is known to stimulate collagen production which promotes skin elasticity, aids in firming and gentle aging. Matrixyl is known to improve skin texture, assists with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and skin inflammation.

What is Crolastin?

Crolastin, like Matrixyl, is known to assist in skin conditioning promoting skin tone and elasticity while acting as a skin hydrator and moisturiser.

What is Pentavitin?

Pentavitin is derived from plants and is known to transform dull and dry skin into the coveted dewy, plump and hydrated beauty we are all looking for. Pentavitin works in conjunction with skins natural keratin and helps create a moisture barrier to stop skin from losing all its good juice, keeping it hydrated.

All together, all the added actives are known to:

  • Promote skin elasticity

  • Maintain and improve skin texture

  • Assist in retaining moisture and hydration in the skin

  • Reduce skin inflammation

  • Assist with the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and

  • Helps with Gently Aging

  • Keeps skin looking moist and dewy

  • Reduces the appearance of dull and dry skin

  • Aids in firming by promoting collagen production

If you are looking for an all round Gentle Aging Serum, the Feel (Good) Skin Age Reverse Serum is the one for you!

~ Jess

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