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QED Eye and Lip Corrector

Today we're reviewing the newly launched QED Eye and Lip Protector.

Used to promote gentle ageing, the QED Eye and Lip Corrector is a powerful anti-ageing tool for any skincare regime.

Ok, so we've spoken about creams and serums and cleansers but what we haven't yet tackled is how your lips and eyes can often be the first area of concern when it comes to ageing. Here comes the Eye and Lip Corrector!

Eye and Lip Protector

QED is our Premium Range of skincare products which makes use of powerful actives, world-class ingredients and tried and trusted formulations to create skincare that not only makes you feel great, but leaves your skin feeling the same. The QED Eye and Lip Corrector may be little, but the punch it packs is high powered and targeted.

Why the Eyes and Lips?

The fine line around your eyes and mouth are usually the first areas that show both wear and tear of aging but also sun and environmental damage. The skin in these areas is thinner than the rest of your skin and that leaves them without the robust protections other areas of skin has. Just like eyes are the windows to the soul, they're also the window to age. The mouth too. Every moment of every day, whether we're chatting away or giving someone the side eye, these areas are in constant use and need a little bit extra care. I mean, how many times have you frowned at your screen today? I don't know either but I can't tell you right now that's exactly why I need a corrector.

What is a corrector?

A corrector is a means to help reverse signs of aging or damage. The QED Eye and Lip Protector makes use of powerful actives to slap those signs of aging right outofhere! The Corrector helps redefine lip contours which helps with the smudgy appearance of the lipline leaving it firmer, plumper and more defined. Around the eyes, the corrector acts as a filler, tightening fine lines and wrinkles, plumping and smoothing expression lines.

What else does it do?

So, collagen is one of the keys to gentle aging. And the QED Eye and Lip Corrector helps stimulate collagen in the applied areas. Because the skin around the eyes and mouth is thin, collagen is excellent at replacing not only loss of mass but also return some elasticity to the area. Along with the tripeptides, the Corrector is an excellent hydrator helping combat dryness, leaving skin looking silky, smoother and less dry. But don't worry- the Corrector is light weight so you won't be walking around all glossy. The QED Eye and Lip Corrector should be used optimally twice a day but if you're like me, living up here in the clouds of Johannesburg, lifetimes away from the balmy sea air, contending with the urban smog, frowning at my computer screen and definitely not drinking enough water, it can be used a little more frequently.

Heading #4: The Final Score

As with all my tips and tricks, remember to maintain your skincare routine and if something doesn't work for you, change it up. But always keep the cleanser, SPF and moisturizer in your arsenal. An Eye and Lip Corrector may also just become an essential.

~ Jess

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