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Do you own a Salon?

Because if you do, we have a selection of Salon and Spa products that would be perfect for you and your business. You can purchase Salon Products directly from the manufacturer! Directly from us!

Salon Products directly from the manufacturer? What kind of Salon and Spa products are available?

The question should actually be what don't we have? We have a selection of products available online but there are even more available through our Ballito Factory Shop! And by purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you cut out the middle man. And we can supply in bulk so if there is something you love, why not purchase in bulk and save even more?

Are you a Nail Technician? Do you own a Salon? We've got you sorted!

Manicure Products available directly from the Manufacturer

Coming up to the summer VayKay that all South African's hold their breath for, one of those essential services is having your nails done.

And if you're the one doing them, you're in the right spot.

We have Acetone, Surgical Spirits, Cuticle Oil, Anti-bacterial Liquid Soap, Vitamin A and E Cream and our delicious Cream Scrub. Each product is available in large unit sizes so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Pedicure? We've got something for that too!

Pedicure Products available directly from the manufacturer

Beach ready feet are another essential in the lead down to summer. Gorgeous sandals, beach sand between the toes but we need to get there first. Which is why Pedicure Products are some of our best sellers. We have Anti-septic Foot Spray, Exfoliating Foot Scrub, Anti-bacterial Liquid Soap, Acetone, Surgical Spirits, Cream Scrub, Vitamin A and E Cream and Natural Body Lotion. These items are interchangeable for hand and foot procedures and are available in small or large sizes.

Do you do Facials?

Facial Products

From Exfoliators to Serums, we have you covered. We have a load of items available under or Salon and Spa range but also in our Products Area which includes skincare with actives for the perfect Facial Experience.

Feel (good) Skin and our Brightening Range are brilliant accompaniments or to increase the services you offer your clients.

Estheticians? Calling all waxing experts!

Waxing Products

Another summer essential! Getting your skin smooth and ready to take in the sun, salt and sea.

We have a variety of products that you can use in your salon:

Massage Products... yup, you guessed it! We've got it!

Massage products directly from the manufacturer

Whether it is for the body, for hands and feet, we've got something for you.

Slimming and Firming?

Slimming and Firming Products

We have two products that will blow your socks off: Slimming Cellulite Gel and Slimming and Firming Cream.

These are absolutely perfect to use in your salon ad part of a treatment package or to incorporate into existing treatments.

We have a huge range of products available that will not only help your salon but are also perfect for treating yourself honey.


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