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Do you need a Side Hustle?

If you've been thinking about a Side Hustle, we've got some ideas for you. Why not start your own cosmetics business? Your own haircare business? Supply Salon's all over the country?

Do you need a Side Hustle? Is a Side Hustle the new norm?

Do you need a Side Hustle? Start your own Business today!

Do you need a Side Hustle? I actually don't know many people without a side hustle these days and with South Africa's incredible entrepreneurial spirit and amazing work ethic, more and more people are diversifying their incomes with multiple income streams. Brunational has a program that can help you get off the ground or, if you already have an established Side Hustle, we offer ways to add to your product selection 💃 And who knows, you could be like one of the hundreds of small businesses we've seen grow over the past 20 years that become recognizable brands and thriving, sustainable businesses. And if you've already got a business, why not diversify?

How can Brunational help me?

Well, Brunational has an innovative Build a Business program. You are able to purchase your very own start up. Choose from our selection of cosmetic solutions and we supply you with the bulk which you can transform into your very own products and grow your brand.

Each box comes with your selected product ranges, an ingredient list and premium products you can put into your own packaging, supply and distribute to your clients. Alternatively, you can select a combination of products for a customized check out.

All products are ready to use but they do not contain fragrances and colours unless stated. Each product can be used as is, or you can add fragrances and essential oils.


When you select items from Build a Business, whether it be a 1L or a Box, you will receive:

• 1L Bottle or Bucket with your cosmetic base

• Inci’s/ ingredient listing


• You can add essential oils and fragrances to your products (remember to maintain strict

hygiene protocols)

• Fill your products into your own bottles with your own branding.

• Use Build a Business to trial your cosmetics business without large minimum order quantities.

Does Brunational offer Private Label Manufacturing?

Yes! Yes we do! Brunational manufactures for some of South Africa's most well known brands which are distributed around the world. We also manufacture for international clients across the African Continent, America and Europe.

Brunational is committed to facilitating in the creation of world class cosmetic products that are purpose and specification driven. At Brunational, we create bespoke formulations to tailor products to your specific needs and requirements. We offer laboratory formulated products which are available in small batch quantities (5kg Bulk minimum, 25kg for packed products and tubing). We are able to fulfill orders that are 1000kg +. We also offer packing, filling, batching, shrink-wrapping, barcoding, labelling and tube sealing for packed products saving you time and money.

If you are looking for something custom, bespoke, Va Va Voom, Brunational has you covered!

Whether you're an established business looking to introduce more products or beginning to build your business, our White Label Products are an excellent start and we've got you covered!

We offer a huge range of products that are manufacture in house which are available to you without having to go through the time consuming process of Research and Development. Whether it is Skin or Hair Care related, Brunational has a selection of products which are tried and trusted, ready to be manufactured and distributed.

Brunational is constantly developing and introducing new products which fall under our White Label which follow international trends and developments.

With over 20 years experience, Brunational has seen many one man shows grow from strength to strength. It could be you!

If you've got any questions, pop us an email and we will give you the rundown, show you what's what.

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