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Creating Bespoke Soaps

There is a huge trend towards bespoke and that hasn't missed the body care market segment with bespoke soaps, handmade soaps and the varieties are endless. According to Wesley Baker, "The organic soap market is expected to reach $260.23 million during 2020-2024." Let's take a look some possibilities because with Build a Business there is a world of possibilities.

We've added a bulk buy Glycerine Soap which is available in 1kg through Build a Business.

Instead of making your own soap from scratch, why not skip a step and use our Glycerine Soap as a base for your soaps. But what can you actually do with our Glycerine Soap Base?

Add Botanicals

Make your own Soap
Botanical Soap Bar

Do you love Lavender? Adore Roses? Vrek for Eucalyptus? Me too! So why not add it to your soap? Imagine the luscious soap you can make by adding dried petals. And why stop there? Have you had a look at your spice cupboard. Nutmeg, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Rosemary... there are no limits. Each addition to your soap will add not only to the appeal but the overall impact of the soap. For instance, Lavender is well known for its calming properties, while Rose Petals are known for their anti-oxidant properties.

Add Essential Oils

Make your own Soap Bar with Essential Oils
Essential Oils Soap Bar

According to Medical News Today, "Essential oils are concentrated extracts of various plants. Practitioners use them in natural and alternative health practices, such as aromatherapy and naturopathy." Also, they just smell too yummy for words. Adding a few drops to your soap can create an entirely different product with different properties. Just as adding botanicals can affect your product, so too can Essential Oils. Lemongrass is not only known for it's freshness but also for its anti-inflammatory properties. Bergamot is known as a mood enhancer. You can craft an entire range of soaps around essential oils. And you can combine them by adding additional elements to your soaps like petals or powders.

Add Powders

Activated Charcoal Bespoke Soap Bar
Activated Charcoal Soap Bar

Adding Powders to your soap can add not only colour and fragrance, but, like with botanicals and essential oils, can change your soaps infinitely. Adding activated charcoal for instance will not only give your soap that cool black colour but it is also amazing at cleansing and removed impurities. It is also amazing at absorbing toxins. You can add other powders like Moringa Powder which, according to The Nerdy Farm Wife (what a cool name), is known to help with "nourishing" is

"antioxidant-rich" and is a "soft green color".

Add Exfoliants

Make your own Bespoke Soap
Exfoliating Soap Bar

How cool is an exfoliating soap bar? There are so many options here too. Oats make a super cool exfoliator. But so does Citrus Rind, Rooibos, Poppy Seeds, Thyme and Coffee. But don't let me limit you. There are so many options for exfoliators that will create a unique feel to your bespoke soap.

Rough Cut Soaps

Glycerine Soap Base
Rough Cut Soap Bars

I'm sure you've seen them? The Instagram reels or the amazing product photographs of these rough cut soaps. I literally drool at how beautiful they are in their imperfection. While the sides of the soaps are cleanly sliced, the tops are organic looking, the soap itself, swirls of colour, specks of botanicals, rough patches of exfoliators... they're like art. I love them, and let me tell you, I'm not the only one. People are going crazy for this style soap.

Moulded Soaps

Make your own soap
Moulded Soap Bar

Fancy, fancy, fancy! Moulding soaps is just so on trend I could scream. From silicone baking moulds to those used for resin products, you can mould some super cool soaps my guys! If you want to be fancy, you can even have a branding mould done for your soaps.

Remember that when melting down the glycerine soap bar, you need to wear the appropriate PPE (we don't want anyone getting hurt) and adhere to stringent hygiene protocols.

A pro-tip would also be to irradiate any organic materials you add to your soaps. Now, that sounds fancy, but really, a decent microwave will do the trick. Add your dry ingredients to a microwavable container and blast it for a few minutes to kill any buggies that may be lingering on your organic material.

As always with Build a Business, if your business grows and you're looking for higher quantities and a custom quote, just contact us.

~ Jess

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