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Charcoal Scrub

We're so excited to announce our new product, the Therabody Charcoal Scrub!

Charcoal Scrub

Charcoal Scrub with actives? The answer is Yes!

Charcoal Scrub

Because we don't do half measures, our Charcoal Scrub combines two different exfoliants: Sugar and Salt. Sugar is an excellent, gentle exfoliator. Salt Scrubs are known to prime the skin for following products. But we haven't stopped there. No, we've added an incredible crème that hydrates skin leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized after use.

We've also added Activated Charcoal which absorbs oils and impurities, helps reduce build up of sebum and prevents breakouts. And we all know how excellent Activated Charcoal is at detoxifying!

Charcoal Scrub

But don't worry, we aren't just taking away, we're also giving. We've added Vitamin E which is known for its reparative properties, scar reduction and helps with skins elasticity. This, in combination with Squalene which we've also thrown in the mix, helps with gentle aging, helps restore skin after environmental damage and aids in collagen production.

Our Charcoal Scrub is also Essential Oils Rich containing German Chamomile, Bergamot and Spearmint to restore skin and refresh.

Sugar Scrub with Salt and Charcoal

Apply a generous amount of Charcoal Scrub to your skin and massage into skin in gentle circular motions. Do not use on very dry or damaged skin. Exfoliate between 1-2 times weekly.

Rinse thoroughly and apply your regular skincare routine including a moisturizer.

~ Jess

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