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Build a Business Sale!

If you were thinking of trying out our Build a Business products, now is the perfect time! We're having a sale on just about all of our Build a Business products 💃

Build a Business Sale

Brunational is a Third Party Manufacturer for Skincare, Haircare and Body Care products. Not only do we make our own White Label Products that you can purchase and rebrand as your own, but we also develop custom products for a range of companies in South Africa and Internationally.

We know how difficult it is to start up a business which is why we've pioneered our Build a Business feature which provides a selection of bases in a 1kg. This will allow you to trial not only the bases but also your potential market without having to commit to a large MOQ.

When your business takes off, we have a massive variety of products you can purchase in higher quantities at a lower price directly from manufacturing.

Product Showcase:

  • Sugar Scrub Base: If you're looking for an absolutely power exfoliator, Sugar Scrub has been one of the industries fastest selling staples. Was R220.00, Now R190.00.

  • Vitamin E Cream Base: A nourishing cream with all the benefits of Vitamin E, a perfect winter products. Was R110.00, Now R85.00.

  • Roll On Base: There's a reason we selected Roll On Base for Build a Business. The product is not only amazing, but it is a massive seller. Was R100.00, now R75.00.

Head over to the Build a Business page to see some of our products online. If you're ready to take the next step, contact manufacturing directly for more information.

~ Jess

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