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Body Butter

We have a newly launched range of Body Butters available in 3 glorious fragrances.

Body Butter 500g for R75.00

Why do I need Body Butter?

I mean, you may not need it, but do you want it? The answer is Yes!

Body Butter is a thick, hydration rich cream that offers more protection than simple creams and lotions. It provides a more robust barrier for your skin insulating against damage for a longer period than ordinary creams and lotions. If you have dry skin, Body Butter is an excellent way to not only repair damage but also to keep in moisture. Effectively, Body Butter can act as a barrier between your skin and the outside world, clothes and environmental exposure. It's totally a must have in any bathroom, bedroom or if you're as into being hydrated as me, in your desk draw, in the lounge, your handbag... That it has a long lasting fragrance is just an added bonus!

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri Body Butter 500g

This is in South Africa, and in South Africa we definitely do drink pink drinks. One of the fragrances for our new Body Butter Range is Strawberry Daiquiri. It smells like a beautiful Saturday afternoon in summer, hints of sugar, blissful summer fruits and an ice cold Strawberry Daiquiri. Combo that with a thick, luxurious Body Butter and you have heaven!

Caribbean Tropical Twist

Caribbean Tropical Twist Body Butter 500g

So scrumptious! What a delicious combination. Caribbean Tropical Twist is warm beach days and a blend of tropical fruits that takes us straight to an island.

For only R75.00 for a 500g, this is an essential addition to your skincare routine. Infuse moisture, nourish your skin and replace essential lost hydration while insulating your skin with a fragrance that lasts.

Sweetie Candy Surprise

Sweetie Candie Surprise Body Butter 500g

Who doesn't want to smell sugary! Sweetie Candy Surprise reminds me pretty solidly of my childhood parties.

Sweet sugars and candies, sweet stone fruits and deliciousness.

~ Jess

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