Plant Stem Cell Anti-Ageing Day Cream with SPF – 50ml




Protecting your skin from sun damage and dehydration is vital for the prevention of premature ageing. A unique nourishing blend provides moisture, nourishment and stimulates skin cells preserving  the skins youthfulness by prolonging stem cell life restoring skin’s microcirculation promoting the proliferation of new cells, strengthening the skin for a firmer, brighter more radiant look.  Helping with the reduction of wrinkles leaving skin energised and revitalised and its tone restored. This unique nourishing blend of actives penetrate the epidermis, conditioning and moisturising the skin along with sun protection, make this day cream an all in one, anti-ageing combating, moisturising product. Your skin will have a healthy, youthful, radiant glow throughout the day.

Application: Apply in morning after cleansing and toning. Allow to absorb into the skin for 5 minutes before applying make-up.