Serenity Waterlily

Serenity Waterlily Neck and Bust Firming Cream: can be used to lift and firm the neck and bust area containing Reg-U-Stretch which improves the skin firmness as well as soothes and moisturises the skin. Neck and bust firming cream

Contains 5 active ingredients all registered and trade marked their benefits are

  • Contains a unique algae based skin tightner,  it tightens the skin immediately while at the same time provides a long term effect by strengthening the skins connective tissue
  • Innovative actives which include a peptide, vitamin and extract protects skin structure as well as assists in diminishing stretch marks
  • Contains excellent skin smoothing and nourishing properties
  • Actives boost the collagen production and protects collagen from degradation
  • Actives reduce thickness of fatty tissue and visibly reduces the double chin and reshapes the facial contours


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