Serenity Rosebud

Serenity Rosebud Tissue Oil Stretchmark Cream contains Vit E, cocoa butter, and evening primrose oil to lighten stretchmark’s, nourish the skin and encourage new cell growth. Tissue Oil Stretchmark Cream contains:

  • Evening Primrose oil – assists in improving the skins firmness and achieving better elasticity
  • Vitamin E – helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Cocoa Butter – promotes the skins elasticity, minimizing the formation and appearance of scar tissue
  • Wheatgerm oil – Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, helps keep skin supple while rejuvenating damaged cells and increasing blood flow, resulting in a healthy nourished skin
  • Regestril  – contains dry green bean extract an antioxidant and 2 peptides, reduces the depression and width of the stretchmark by 72% in 56 days according to trials conducted by a dermatologist


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