Serenity Forest Stream

Serenity Forest Stream offers a soothing muscle rub. Relieves muscular aches and pain, can be used to relieve joint pain, bringing a quietness and calmness to aching muscles. Serenity Forest Stream Soothing Muscle Rub contains the following

  • Witchazel – contains brilliant anti- inflammatory properties
  • Menthol, camphor and spearmint oil – all oils have a soothing cooling effect when applied to the skin, helps reduce nerve and muscle pain relieving discomfort
  • Lavender oil – good antiseptic and anti- fungal properties used for bruises and skin disorders
  • Capsicum – contains a natural pain reliever, aids in treating arthritis and muscle aches
  • Wintergreen oil – benefits are in the analgesic ,anti- rheumatic ,anti-spasmodic and astringent properties it contains
  • Arnica oil – known to provide relief for injured muscles from muscle sprains, swelling and bruising
  • Aloe Vera – benefits include the ability to stimulate cell growth and repair damaged tissue


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